Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week


After a long and amazing summer camp season, our family finally took a breath and set off together on an adventure. We do not call them vacations, why? We are camping, with three young boys, and a new puppy, this is an adventure, not a vacation. I suspect that Scruff and I will have a vacation in about twelve years, until then, let the adventure begin!


The first task, setting up the tent. As you can see, Sweet Boy#2, Sweet Boy#3, and Princess Leia are helping with that arduous task.


Next, play a board game. What? You think we couldn’t possibly have room for board games amongst our piles of stuff. There is always room for board games. Besides, we borrowed my brother’s car and it is much bigger. We were able to fit in several board games and even snacks.


Then we took Princess Leia Freyja for a hike/mad dash down a spider-strewn path in the woods. It burned off a little bit of her energy so she stopped trying to blast her way into the tent before we could unzip the door. (she knew exactly where the door was, just not how to grow thumbs so she could open it) but sitting for a picture was torturous. Everyone wanted to stop with the photo shoot and get back to dashing madly down the path.


Next adventure…fishing!


Sometimes fishing with a pole becomes “so last year” and one must invent new sports, such as fishing with kelp whips. Part of the difficulty might have been the hooks. Poor Sweet Boy#2 was hooked twice. Once by his younger brother and once by the older one.



Then we spent a day watching blue herons and running out into the salt flats and realizing that one could sink down to one’s thighs in muck and then realizing that one could bury oneself in muck up to his waist and hope that the tide didn’t come in before his brother’s dug him out. After that, it was time to roll around in the sand before getting in the car…yep that actually made them cleaner for travel since there were no restrooms at this beach.



Time for more kelp!


Finally, on the very last day, we were able to rent a row boat and row around in the sound. Have you ever been in a row boat with 2 adults, 3 young boys, and a 40lb puppy before? I would have found a more attractive picture of myself…but this was just that kind of adventure.








So there you have it, The Wilks Family Adventure 2015 on Camano Island and beyond!



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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