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Breaking News

My oldest boy, was honored as student of the month in his first grade class this week! The character attribute was “Forgiveness” and the principal read a little paragraph that his teacher submitted and presented him with a certificate that proclaimed him to be a “Star Citizen”! I had no idea how exciting these things would be as a parent. As an objective bystander one tends to mumble “yeah yeah, but was there food?” But to watch my own sweet little boy jump with surprise when they called his name and scramble up to the front and stand embarrassed as they read all those wonderful things about him! He was so proud. I heard him telling his younger brother: “The award was such a surprise.” Just like he was making a humble speech after receiving an Oscar. And it is gratifying to know that all of those grudging “I forgive you’s” that I have to force him to mumble in the general direction of his brother’s have clearly made some kind of path across his brain for other more authentic acts of forgiveness far away from my prying eyes. Here is what his teacher wrote on the back of his award in all of its glory:

“Need a friend? Want a friend? Don’t have any friends? Well then, you will want to meet and hang with Mr. Judah Wilks! This kid is so easy to get along with! If you make a mistake, he is able to forgive you BEFORE you even say sorry! He is one joy-filled kid! Forgiveness is his specialty.”

How awesome is that! Hmmmmm, once in awhile I envy his teacher. Getting to watch him bloom, while I’m back here nagging and shoveling on fertilizer. But no, she doesn’t get to snuggle him after a bad dream or hold him when he cries, or explain how bathing is not the forth sign of the apocalypse. Once in awhile it is good to remember, that it is truly an honor to be a mom.


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  • Liz Dewsnap

    Congratulations to all of you – to you and Daryl who patiently (most of the time) teach and model Godly character into the lives of your kids and to the Judah who has learned to live them. It is such a blessing watching it happen – sometimes you wonder if it ever will….then when it does, it just fills your heart with joy! Blessings.

  • Grandma Judy

    Keep on shoveling that fertilizer, it’s working! I’m so proud of him and pleased that this award is so in line with the Godly character the Lord is trying to build into all of us. Way to go!

    Love to you.

  • Awwww!
    But I had to laugh… bathing is the fourth sign of the apocalypse? Please don’t share that with my boys who both LOVE the bath!

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