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The title is quite literal this week. There is a small pond on my neighboring grandparents property. Shamu, our Newfoundland dog, loves to swim there but seldom goes alone. My step brother and his family were visiting and some of the children in the party spotted Shamu wandering out to the pond. We were off at our Thanksgiving celebration in town. The children raced out to see Shamu and arrived just in time to see him walk across the ice covered water, break through, and sink into the freezing waters below. They rapidly sent an envoy back to the house for Jason and a rope. Jason crawled out on the ice and just as he had the rope around Shamu’s neck and forepaw, he plunged into the ice as well. Luckily he is quite tall and was able to stand. They heaved our 163 lb doggy out of the water and took him home and fluffed him up by the fire. The poor guy was nearly done in but some aspirin and a good nights sleep revived him properly. Thank God my nephews held the other children back from racing out onto the ice to rescue our beastie. And this Thanksgiving we are not only thankful for food and shelter and family, but also for our big hairy dog and his continued aliveness. Is that a new word? Hmmm…maybe not.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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