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We set up our Christmas tree this week. I love the fir smell and the lights shining from the living room at night (we use it as a nightlight). And the wintery feeling of expectation that it brings. But there is absolutely no room to wrestle. And in our house that is a major problem. The boys picked a huge tree this year and even after chopping off a good deal of both the bottom and top, it still fills our small living room. There is a 10″ path on the left between my desk and the tree. A similar gap between our beanbag couch and our tree on the other side and about a foot and a half space to the coffee table in the front. This leaves no discernible location for all of the various wrestling events that keep my boys healthy and sane. Thus wrestling has been relegated to occur on top of the bean bag couch, which usually results in a pack of boys rolling off the couch, and under the tree where they are showered in falling ornaments. Not ideal, but still it’s fun and festive.

Our Much Wrestled Tree


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