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Wednesday was Sweet Boy#3’s third birthday. Back when we were thinking about having a third baby I balked a bit at how crazy life would be, but then realized that it would only be truly insane for about three years. My oldest was three at that time and he was learning to do all sorts of things on his own and so, embracing the rowdiness, we embarked on a journey that included three wild little boys. And yes it has been somewhat insane, but I was right. By the time one turns three there are countless activities one can do by oneself. Put on undies and snow boots, wield scissors, wash dishes, paint…things, begin potty training, play indoor hockey, pull a sled to the top of the hill single-handedly, climb bunk beds, shoot foam airplanes at brothers, share with friends, brush the dog, scale trees, play Super Mario Brothers, carry firewood…. The list seems endless. And yes our life is easier in many ways. I’m not nursing anyone, or toting anyone around in a backpack. Everyone in our family can participate in everything all at once. But while I spend much less time worrying that someone will crush their baby brother inadvertently, they are now one big whirlwind of male activity. It’s so fun, seeing them all together playing something, one big, mostly happy, pack of wolf cubs. It was wonderful to honor my youngest as he turned three. Shower green gifts upon him and attempt to construct a helicopter cake. I’m so glad we have him, I’m so glad we chose the chaos over a tiny bit of calm. What is calm after all but a space of empty time. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy#3.


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  • Grandma Judy

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I’m so glad that you chose to have 3 cubs instead of 2. What a grand bunch they make, will be a combined force to be reckoned with for sure!

    Love to you.

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