The Week in Haiku

The Week in Haiku

Movie with Phyllis
Misspelled words grieve my oldest
We pause…and comfort

Boulder in the road
Enormous, it tumbled down
Between us and bus

To the Dollar store
We need ring-pops for stockings
What! No salad tongs.

Steam-clean our carpet
Over and over again
Vigorous attack

Icy tree comes in
Dripping dripping on our floor
Mop up mess, smell fir.

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2 thoughts on “The Week in Haiku

  • Samantha T

    Sounds like there was a close call on Tuesday. (I like how you had every other day in bold)

  • Luckily it tumbled down before we came, so it wasn’t moving when we encountered it. Still, we could have crashed into it and the thing was big.

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