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I’m afraid my blogging has been a bit sporadic this week, due to the fact that I was at the Northwest Christian Writer’s Renewal on my blogging day. Actually I was driving home from it on my blogging day, but the results were the same…no blogging day. I had a marvelous time this year. The Hunky Hubby took charge of all three boys and sent me on my way early Friday morning and off I went to three pitching appointments with two editors an one agent at the conference. And wonder of wonders my pitching was successful and the agent and one editor requested that I send them a “partial” so that they can take a look at my work. Now this has happened once before without success and so I keep attempting to prevent myself from hoping…but I’ve pretty much failed. I am totally hoping that something will come of this. Ah well, as Anne would say, one cannot fly to the uppermost heights without also enduring the depths of despair. I was also able to meet many wonderful writers, including my marvelous new critique partner Crystal and the infamous “Miller Brothers” creators of the Hunter Brown books. Ok, so I met Crystal last year, but I met her again this year. And our speaker was basically Indiana Jones. He told wild tales of dodging bullets on Mt. Ararat and searching for Mt. Sinai. Super fun and wonderfully encouraging, just what this discouraged writer needed to keep her going. Somehow God knows, doesn’t He?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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