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Breaking News

I am officially changing my writing schedule. For the past…I don’t know more than a year, several years I guess, I’ve written Monday through Saturday and taken Sunday morning off. Now that I blog my Saturday writing is blogging. So anywho, this schedule leaves me Saturday night to read, snack, or watch a movie with the hunky hubby. I can’t watch a full movie on any of the other nights because I go to bed at 9:45 and there isn’t enough time. Works great right? Wrong!

The Hunky Hubby being a true child at heart is very often the recipient of these kinds of calls from any number of males we are acquainted with, ages of 12-65.


Unidentified Male–“Watcha doin tonight?”

HH–“Nothin much, you?”

Unidentified Male–“Brian, Steven, Chaco and I were thinking about coming up.”

HH–“Great! Do you want to play ‘Age of Mythology, Galaxy Trucker, or Goa?”

Unidentified Male–“Anything except ‘History of the World’ I don’t think I have 8 hours to burn.”

HH–“Actually if we start in 30 min. and play steady we could be done 25 minutes before Steven has to work in the morning.”

Unidentified Male–“Awesome! Set it up, we’ll be there in 30 min.”

These calls often arrive on Saturday night and thus my big night off is usually me, a good book, and a bowl of popcorn or uncooked Ramen noodles sitting on the couch. Which I love. But I started thinking that perhaps never doing anything together for the past few years had taken it’s tole on our marriage when on those few Saturdays that the hunky hubby was free and wanted to watch a movie together my first reaction was: “What? Can’t you see I’m reading here.”

And thusly my writing schedule is up for a permanent change. I will be writting Wednesday through Monday with Monday morning being my blogging day and Monday night being my ‘stay up and party’ night and therefore perhaps the hunky hubby and I will actually watch movies together and remember what color of hair the other one has and stuff like that. Just so you know.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • Er, yeah, and not that I know anyone who’s contributing to that problem…

  • I would never blame you my dear. They are terrible to control, these large adult children that we’ve married. Sigh.
    But I wasn’t all that interested in aquiring a completely tame one either and so what we have is the happy medium…right?

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