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Daddy Day

This week was sweet boy #1’s “Daddy Day”. In order to ensure that each of our three boys gets at least a little bit of one-on-one time with both of their parental units, we have established the tradition of “Daddy Day” and “Momma Day.” Last year was the first annual occurrence of this phenomena and it was a great success. This month it was “Daddy Day” for our oldest, the first Friday of next month will be “Daddy Day” for our middle boy, then the next month “Momma Day” for our oldest, and finally in May “Momma Day” for our middle boy. Next year sweet boy #3 will begin to have his own Daddy and Momma days but as he is only 1 we decided he could wait. He is with Momma all day every day, so what is the point?

Anywho, for “Daddy Day” the Hunky Hubby and sweet boy #1 set out in the car just them. They promptly got stuck in a snow bank. Now the Hunky Hubby is a skilled driver and so being the suspicious woman that I am, I suspect that he was determined to make “Daddy Day” truly memorable by causing the car slide all over the icy road through excessive e-break usage or something. But whatever the case, they got stuck and hiked to the neighbors and dug and dug and dug and got more stuck and hitched a ride home and then pulled the car out with the camp truck. Sweet boy #1 enjoyed all of this immensely. No, he really did. It was amazing.

Then they went shopping at Safeway, just them. Sweet boy #1 loves to shop and look at price tags, and load groceries onto the belt, and load groceries into the cart, and buy gum with his own money from his hand painted, multi colored piggy bank, and put money into the breast cancer container. When we were preparing for “Daddy Day” he asked if he could get money out of his pig to put into the store container. I didn’t know what he meant. He said, “You know the container that has a money slot in it that is in every store.” I didn’t. I asked what you got out when you put your money in. He said, “Nothing.” Now I know, it was the charity money can and at 5 years he noticed that there is something like that in every store and he wanted to take some money for it. So he bought some gum and put the rest in the breast cancer can. He was very insistent that he put every remaining coin in and of course wowed the checkers with his generosity!

Then they went on to Icicle Junction where they played video games together before going to Awana to finish off their special day. Oh, they sent him home from Awana with Valentine candy so that was an unexpected bonus as well. Yeah for Daddy Day!


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5 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • The Hunky Hubby

    We had a great Daddy Day. Rather than a disappointment getting stuck was quite an adventure for him. The sweet boy had no preconceptions of how the day was supposed to go, only a desire to be with his daddy and a sense of adventure.
    Actually, it was Gary Friese who pulled us out – what a true neighbor!

  • Grandma Judy

    I am very proud of the Hunky Hubby. What a great “Daddy” he is. Sweet Boy #1 definitely has a heart to give which is a wonderful thing.

    Much love to you.

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