Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

This week our writing exercise is Have your character cause epic destruction. And I am all full of hope that my lovely sister will post her version here.

Have Your Character Cause Epic Destruction

Bosomella’s squirrel paused outside the stone window that led to Miss Borka’s office. No one was in residence and she led her furry minions inside. Miss Borka’s office was psychotically tidy. Scrolls labeled and stacked in the appropriate cubby all in alphabetical order. Fresh reeds layed in a criss cross pattern on the stone floor, the candle on her ancient desk didn’t even have any wax drips. It was perfect.

She stood to address the squirrels in the passionate fashion they preferred.

“My loyal minions. Today we shall not stoop to simple un-calculated destruction.” There were a number of angry chatters from the back row. “No no, we can do better here. Mighty works of mayhem must have that special touch, that bit of style that will truly drive Miss Borka into a state of mental anguish. Follow my lead. Follow me to the ultimate victory. Follow me or die!”

Squirrels were so dramatic, but it worked and Bosomella smiled. Her hairy friends were bounding around chattering, barely able to refrain themselves from tearing around the room in a frenzy of puffy fur.

Bosomella went to the small library of scrolls and took one out of the center. She unrolled it to the middle and cut a hole directly out of the center. Then she took the quill from the ink bottle and drew a sketch of Miss Borka being chased by a  field of swine toward the sea. She sprinkled it with sand, let it dry, rolled it up and filed it in an incorrect slot.

“Observe and learn my hairy friends. Miss Borka shall know the fire of insanity as it creeps through her head and flickers at the back of her eye sockets. Now go and do likewise.”

The squirrels were eager to obey.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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