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Writing News

This week was just a wee bit boring but satisfying. I finished some last minute tweaks on my website (that is currently live!) and entered some of my writing notes into the notebook file on my computer. On the site I hunted down some more ancient Assyrian pictures since the last ones I found were horribly expensive. On the rare occasion that I actually locate a picture of some base relief carvings or the walls of Nineveh the photo will invariably be priced as though middle eastern oil barons were the only customers the site had though to cater to. But hopefully this last attempt bears fruit, or at least a serviceable photo. And my desk is currently cleared of the big heap of napkins, sticky notes, and random litter that I had scribbled writing ideas upon. Yey!

Breaking News

I am pleased to announce that the Cannibal Mice of Doom have been obliterated. However, our family faced yet another trauma this week.
The hunky hubby decided to replace the slightly cracked lid to our toilet and in the process (?) felt that something else was wrong and pulled the whole thing out. He was right our wax toilet bowl gasket thingybob had passed on to the happy flushing ground in the sky. So after digging around in this shop that my grandpa has that is made out of an old bus, the hunky hubby comes back with a new wax gasket thingybob. The instructions say that it must be 70 degrees before installation. And so it is lovingly placed upon our heater where it promptly melts into oblivion. During this time the hunky hubby has decided that since he is working on the bathroom anyway he might as well paint the whole thing orange. Eventually we decide on a lighter shade of orange, very pretty actually, and off he goes taping and painting and I purchase new towel racks and hooks and a garbage can and toilet brush holder and a TP dispenser. Well after digging around once more in the bus/shed my grandfather produces a wax gasket thingybob that was born in 1983 at the very earliest, but we decide to give it a try. Currently the walls are a lovely pale orange (his color, mine was this wretched florescent monstrosity that I’m so so glad he scoffed at) and the toilet is finally installed with its brand new lid (no more peeing in a cup) but our floor is peeled back because as he was re-caulking the tub he discovered that our floorboards were soaked. So we have a little ways to go to get to completed bathroom bliss. Who new all this could be generated by simply replacing the toilet lid?


Parent Moment of the Week

I have another “Planet Earth” story today. My boys are constantly watching “Planet Earth” and there is this scene (don’t read Mom) where about a zillion sea snakes and these large brightly colored predatory fish are all swimming and hunting together off the coast of Indonesia. As you can imagine, it is very impressive. Well I was nursing my sweet boy #3 and I saw sweet boy #1 wiggle past on his belly with sweet boy #2 wriggling in his wake. It seemed like a lot of work all of that wriggling this way and that on their bellies on the floor, but I was soon enlightened. Sweet boy #1 was a “hunting snake” and you guessed it, sweet boy #2 was a “hunting fish” and this involved a good deal of wrestling and wiggling and giggling and opening their mouths widely in a fierce manner. Then the hunky hubby entered the scene as a “hunting daddy” and it all degenerated into a wrestling fiasco that I am pleased to say I had absolutely no part in. Yey for nature documentaries. They’re beautiful, enthralling, and dangerously violent all without any human casualties. Truly a mom’s dream.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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