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Breaking News

The cousins are up for two weeks. And something Amazing has stirred within the tiny breasts of my 2 oldest cyclones.


Now, all 3 of mine compete amongst themselves all the time. Who can scream loudest, jump farthest, chuck a train at a brother’s head before Mama seesest, and of course every one’s favorite…. Who can bleed fastest when injured. But this new fiercer competition has, up to this point, been more constructive.

Before the cousins came sweet boy #1 rode a training wheel bike happily wherever we walked and sweet boy #2 rode a tricycle but only on the Sports Court.

Now that the cousins have arrived Sweet boy #1 has taught himself to ride without training wheels! Not only on “Thomas’s ” little bike but also on “Gladiola’s” big none training wheel bike. He is a bike riding monster, enduring crash after crash for the sake of science and athletic growth. And sweet boy #2 has taught himself to ride a training wheel bike, not only on the Sports Court but on the gravel road as well. For the first time in their short lives both boys rode down Grandma Judy’s driveway…And Back Up Again! Did you hear me. They Rode Back Up Again!!!

Truly I swoon for joy.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • Grandma Judy

    WOW!!! Wish I’d been there to witness the amazing feat! Please tell them that I am VERY PROUD of them and am completely IMPRESSED!

    Love to you.

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