The Cabins

The Cabins

Due to the glorious fact that she and “the cousins” are visiting us, my lovely sister is not blogging this week. And so…instead of a writing assignment, I shall give you an update on the activities that have recently transpired at the big boy’s imaginary cabins.

Sweet Boy #1–“My cabin is bigger than the bigger Costco so there’s weather inside of it. There’s a tower that reaches Jupiter hooked to my cabin.”

Sweet Boy #2–“I don’t want to fall on Jupiter so I don’t go to—–(sweet boy #1’s) cabin. My cabin is in a forest that’s too grubby.”

Sweet Boy #1–“In the summer at my cabin its 90 degrees. In the winter at my cabin its -100 degrees. In the spring its 3o degrees. In the fall its 90 degrees below zero.”

Sweet Boy #2–“At my cabin its 7, 8 numbers on top of zero and at my cabin its dusty hot.”

Sweet Boy #1–“My cabin has a really nice snugly dirt floor.”

Sweet Boy #2–“My cabin has a snugly bear floor because there’s pretend bear skins under the floor.”

Sweet Boy #1–“At my cabin there is a very tiny stream with a very tall waterfall.”

Sweet Boy #2–He was looking at a photo of ancient Mayan ruins that I have by my desk. “That’s my cabin. Its very old, some of my cabin paint fell off.”

Sweet Boy #1–“At my cabin is a tower as big as a church tower and in it is a bell and at lunch time we ring that bell.”

Sweet Boy #2–“I had babies at my cabin that cried and cried when I was not there and my babies saw Mars.”

I dare you to find a pair of cabins as interesting as these two. No really. Go ahead. See if you can.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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