Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m the chief of this tribe of creatures.”

Sweet Boy#3–“And I’m your friend melty-man.”


Sweet Boy#2–“Let’s play the game where I’m a creature of mystery.”


Sweet Boy#3–“Eeeeeew, there was this moss in my sweater, I think it ruined my sweater, I think it just walked into my sweater, you can have it.”


Sweet Boy#2–“I was a creature of mystery that was asleep for thousands of years only a volcano erupting awoke me.”


Sweet Boy#1–“Red giants turn into black holes.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I do not want to be sucked up in a black hole.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Then don’t go near Canis Majoris. It is such a red giant.”


Sweet Boy#2–“I have a sword on my foot instead of toes on myu foot…actually it’s a telescope.”


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