Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“A Harfer butterfly has a little hole where it shoots poison at invaders.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Shampoo has a potty word in it.”

Sweet Boy#2–“When I grow up I’m gonna make a book called “Red Eggs and Ham” because it has dancing red eggs and dancing red ham.”

Sweet Boy#3–While eating carrots and dip–“Look at mine big alien, I’m filling it up with gas, its an alien to eat. Please, I drunk all mine ranch….”

Sweet Boy#3–“I too tired to walk. I can only run. I can only speed, like a speeding vacuum, like fast clapping. Fast clapping hurts yourself.”

Sweet Boy#2–“This shirt has a stain and on Grandma’s TV it shows a kind of soap that breaks off stains, it has a boot-like-thing inside of the soap and it just kicks things off. I want you to use that kind of soap.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Momma, I’ve got a surprise for you on the ground.” Points to a puddle where he had an accident. “That is your surprise which you wanted to look at.”

Sweet Boy#3–“A fire bat! He fire peed!”

Sweet Boy#2–Wrestling with Daddy–“Ahhhh, I’m foiled again!”


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  • mamagriffith

    Those infomercials are amazing…you should ask them about pajama jeans. They were ever so impressed with them!

  • I read through this about six times, each time laughing harder and harder.
    Ooooh your precious boys! (:

  • They are so creative…which is good, right?

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