Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Scruff–has either bug bites or a rash. We are discussing which it is and I mention that he must be allergic to something because I sleep right beside him every night and it just doesn’t make sense for a bug to bite him and not me for several nights in a row.

Judah–“Yeah, he must be allergic to something.” Looks at me, “and you sleep right beside him … .”


Theo–“I’ve found myself starting to say, ‘Yes, yes.’ Just like Skaven.” These are the rat people in a game he plays.

Judah–“Oh, yeah. They stutter.”

Mom–“The rat people?”

Theo–“Yes, the rat people. They are the embodiment of all that is evil with humanity!”

Judah–“You used to stutter …”


I tell Brennan to go to bed, then I get up later to use the bathroom and find him having a candy fight with Bomber (our camp maintenance person) and Theo. They are running around the house, throwing the leftover Halloween candy, mostly Warheads, and shouting. I point out that this is pretty much the opposite of sleeping. They are unimpressed. However, Brennan does reluctantly go to bed.


Theo–Betrays his father during a board game and says–“I’ve always got your back!”

Scruffy–“Yeah, with a knife.”


Theo–also during a board game–“Awww, I hate being picked on. Makes me feel like a nose.”


Playing a game of Lords of Waterdeep

Scruffy–“No! You’ll destroy my self-esteem!”

Theo–“No, you have too much.”

Judah–With much sarcasm–“Your self-esteem is fine.”


As I wrestle with the TV remote, trying to go back to the home menu, Brennan is watching me.

Brennan–“I’d like to see a remote-off between Mom and an Amish person.”

Apparently, he thinks that someone who doesn’t use a remote at all just might do better than his mother. Hmmm …


While watching a cartoon, I comment on the hanging cloth decoration that is given to one of the characters at the end. A swag, which someone who sews or decorates the church at Christmas time would know what I meant. My three teenage sons and husband are amused as the definition of the word has changed over the years.

Me–“They gave Grunkle Stan a swag at the end.”


Me–“It is a decorative hanging. Kaya uses this as an adjective, but it is also a noun.

Scruffy–“No one uses it that way. You are one of three people who knows this.

Me–“Grandma Judy made them.

Scruffy–“Most people who knew this are dead.”

Me–“See how supportive the man I married is.

Judah–“Oh, but he’s funny!”

Well, that is true. Their father is funny and that counts for a lot when you’re nineteen, ha!


My honey–sweetened dark chocolate arrives and my blond son takes an interest in the box.

Theo–“Dark Chocolate Mint Honey Patties!”

Me–“Those are my sugar-free chocolates. They’re basically health food.”

Theo–“You don’t need to be healthy. Who knows how long you’ll last. I need the heath chocolates!”


Theo–Walks through the hall and accidentally knocks down Scruff’s Carhart snowsuit.

Theo–“Where has Dad been hanging this?”

Me–“On the pull-up bar.”


Me–“Yes, will you tell him the error of his ways?”

Theo–“All his ways are errors.”

Gotta love teens, ha! We are blessed to enjoy plenty of pesky dialogue in our household.

Oh, here are a few of those board games that they play with their dad. Much of the pesky dialogue occurs while playing board games. Is it because they are battling each other constantly, pretending to be attacking aliens, train robbers, or backpackers in National Parks?


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