Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

What the first day of spring looks like up here on our mountain meadow

Theo–He is at the computer doing school and shouts, “Look at my snipers!”

Me–“That doesn’t sound very scholastic.”

Theo–“Mom, that is totally scholastic.” These reassuring words are accompanied by a less-than-reassuring smirk.

Princess Leia Freyja is wondering what the boys are up to out on the ice

Judah–I just brought him back home after dental work. He is totally numb and must have liquid food. His father is well aware of this.

Scruffy–“Do you want a hamburger?”

Judah–“Why are you like this?” –said with a fair bit of exasperation.

Yes, they are trying to chop through the layers of ice to make a floating ice burg. They didn’t get through all the way that day.

Me–I am wondering why Brennan is so tired when it appears that he went to bed on time.

Brennan–“Oh, I’ve read one Ranger’s Apprentice book every night.”

Ah, that would explain it. Although the mother in me was deeply concerned about sleep, the part of me who remembers teaching him to read cannot help but be impressed. With a flashlight hidden under his pillow, that boy managed to read a 300 page novel every single night.

Princess Leia Freyja sniffed the ice before venturing out upon it. It makes me wonder if Newfs can smell weak ice.

Scruffy–“The GameCube is fixed!”

Theo–“Yeah, when you die (which will hopefully be soon) I get the GameCube! Or when I move out, whichever comes first.”

Scruffy–Totally ignoring the low value that our middle son placed upon his longevity–“If you take my GameCube, you can’t move out!”

Chopping through the ice is a lot harder than they thought it would be.

Me–“Did you cut through the ice?”

Theo–“Yeah, but it wasn’t free-floating. There are layers. The pond is like an onion … or an ogre.”

To explain, the boys spent about an hour trying to chop a hunk of ice free so that they could “surf” on it. This involves balancing on the floating ice briefly before falling into the water. I make them do this at the edge of the pond so that they are not over their heads. But though it was the first day of spring, the pond was far too solid and they chopped through layer after layer of ice and never got to the bottom, although they did get quite wet as water seeped into the area where they were chopping and drenched them as they worked.

Though the boys efforts were for naught, Princess Leia Freyja did spot something she wanted in the ice.

Me–“Don’t have too much fun without me.”

Theo–“When you leave the room, everything becomes more fun!”

The boys got it for her and she tenderly carried it away.

Theo–“Corn maze is forever! Corn maze is worth fighting for! Yes, we have no bananas!”

Ah, her favorite!

Judah–“Carrots are just orange cucumbers.”

A nice dead goldfish!

Theo–“Ahhhhh! I am loud because I am hurt and I am also loud when I am not hurt!”

Yep, spring.

Epona–“What would I do with 20 loaves of bread?”

Theo–“Sleep on them!”

Epona–“A bread mattress? That actually sounds comfortable.”

Theo–“Until it got stale.”

The nice thing about a long winter is that when you finally see mud, it truly delights you!


Me–“I didn’t jump. Ha ha!



Brennan–“No one expects the double Boo. You’re the double Boo. Boo Boo!”

Just as Scruffy is my husband’s camp name, Boo Boo is mine. Although, I was not named after frightening people or injuries but after Yogi Bear’s little friend, Boo Boo.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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