Pond Roulette

3.5 inches of fresh snow … after the first day of spring!

What have the boys been up to lately?

I asked Theo to carry a plate of sliced pineapple over to camp as we were going to eat over there in front of the fire. “I am not capable of doing that, Mom,” he informed me. After some stern motherly words, he took the plate out the door as I was gathering the taco meat, tortillas, and cheese. A moment later he came stumbling back inside with an empty but muddy plate, laughing. “I told you I wasn’t able to do that!” Apparently, he slipped on either mud or ice, threw the whole plate of pineapple into the air, and landed in dog poo. At least he was laughing, right? I was not.

Me–I was using my stand mixer to make bread dough. As I poured a cup of flour into the working mixer, I dropped the measuring scoop. It fell into the mixer, ground around for a moment, and then shot out and hit me in the chest, covering me in a layer of flour!

Judah was driving down the highway to go fishing and all of a sudden, his hood flew open and hit the windshield. This cracked it in multiple places and obstructed his few as he was traveling at highway speeds. I was horrified and asked if he was able to pull safely to the side of the road. “Of course, Mom.” He gave me a teenish smirk and explained how he could easily see the road through the gap at the bottom of the hood where it connected to the car. In my book, that small space is hardly sufficient, but I’m so glad he didn’t panic but took it all in stride. Now for a new windshield. Ugh!

Finally, the boys had a friend up last week. What did they want to do? Pond Roulette. No, this was not my idea or my choice of names for the activity, just in case you were wondering. Oh, you have never played Pond Roulette? Well, I’m not surprised. The ice on the frog pond is rapidly melting. But fret not, this does not mean it is any less fun! For Pond Roulette, the three boys and their friend all tiptoe out onto the thin ice. When everyone is situated, the boys all jump up and down wildly upon the ice. The last person to break through and fall in wins! Fret not, I made them promise not to go over their heads. Nonetheless, this is a very chilly game and I do not participate. So, what activities did you find hilarious and fun as a kid that made your mother cringe?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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