Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Yes, that is bubble wrap armor!

Sweet Boy#3–Is eating Tootie Fruities–“I would call them Flatulent Fruities.”

Sweet Boy #3–“I’m paralyzed from fluffyness.”–He was snuggling the dog instead of getting up for school.

Sweet Boy#2–“Mom, you are not a musical wonder. You’re a musical horror!”

Sweet Boy#1–Has a 104 degree fever and is playing a board game with his Dad and brothers when I discover how hot he has become. I give him ibuprofen to take his temperature down and he keeps playing the game … and wins despite his illness!

One of our kitchen crew came over to play video games with the boys and described something in his Minecraft game as “Voluptuous.” Hmmm … “I do not think it means what you think it means,” as Inigo Montoya would say. He was quite shocked when I gave him the definition.

Sweet Boy#3–Had recently cleaned and organized his dresser–“Can you grab me a pair of socks from my newly gooded dresser?”

We have began watching episodes of Monk with the boys. Some of their quotes reflect the show.

Sweet Boy#2–“You have this disorder called ‘Motherly Fear,’ you’re afraid of more things than Monk.”

Sweet Boy#2–Describing Randy Disher from Monk–“The person who’s tall and looks kind of like an asparagus.”

Inspired by my lovely sister, I ask the boys what their ideal wife would be like. The older two plead the 5th, but …

Sweet Boy#3–“Someone like, Trudy, who likes poetry.”  Trudy is Monk’s late wife.

Sweet Boy#2–“Mom, you are the ancientest of ancients.”

Sweet Boy#3–“It’s a good thing I have good luck, cause then I’d be turned into a monkey.”

Sweet Boy#1 gives Sweet Boy#2 a giant gobstopper for Christmas. Sweet Boy#2–“This brings back memories.” Then they both recall the last giant gobstopper that Sweet Boy#2 owned and how he took it everywhere with him, even swimming in the frog pond. If he needed to use his hands, he would just hide the giant gobstopper in his armpit and get it out later. That was how it was lost. He was carrying it in his armpit, while swimming in the frog pond … . I’m not sure that this kind of candy is safe for 12-year-old boys.


Me–“If you stare into the microwave, your eyeball might turn into an eyeball-microwave-Chernobyl-worm.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I don’t think the other moms say ‘eyeball-microwave-Chernobyl-worm.”

Me–“It’s a very common phrase, all the popular moms say it.”

Sweet Boy#3–You and popular are like matter and anti-matter!”

Hmmm … perhaps they know more about me as a highschooler than I realized.


Sweet Boy#3–Has 5 minutes to spare before we have to leave for the bus–“Is Dad still available to snuggle?”


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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