Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Sweet Boy#3–finds a neat ring and gets to keep it–“Ever since I got this ring, I’ve had more reason to imagine. Let’s just say that The Green Lantern is my favorite super hero.”

Sweet Boy#3–Gets to see a little baby–“Baby (insert name of friend’s baby) was at wrestling, I got to pet him.”

Sweet Boy#2–Has to stay home from school for concussion care and when he starts feeling better he wants to do chores to earn $ to purchase more cacti. “I’ve been working on this kitchen for six hours and it’s still not done!” Now he knows how his mother feels. It did look really nice though, perhaps not perfect, but really nice.

I spoke at career day at my old high school and so I was all dressed up. My sons looked at me strangely, until I explained.

Son-“I was wondering why you’re dressed like that.”

Momma–“I wanted to be beautiful.”

Son–“Yeah, but it’s not very practical.”

Love, love, love those boys.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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