Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–In a condescending tone–“Video games are your favorite thing aren’t’ they.”

Sweet Boy#3–“No, Momma is my favorite thing.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Video games are your second favorite thing aren’t they.”

Sweet Boy#3–“No, Momma and Daddy are my favorite thing and my brothers are my second favorite thing.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Video Games are your third favorite thing.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Yes, and going outside is my fourth favorite.”

Sweet Boy#1 is quite above all of those who enjoy screen time. He prefers healthful activities like digging in the snow outside and playing board games…and playing Star Craft with his daddy (which is totally screen time…but apparently that doesn’t count)


Sweet Boy#3–Was waiting outside the bathroom door for me to finish bathing so that he could go potty. When I opened the door to let me in he sighed and said–“I could have chopped a dragon’s head off by now!”

The Boys are playing “Kitties”–Sweet Boy#2–“I was the most rough and the most tumble.”

Sweet Boy#1 Prays on April 1st–“Dear God, Thank you that we have good food to eat and that we get to vandalize Daddy’s coffee. Amen!”


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