Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–He is all sleepy and snuggling Daddy first thing in the morning. What are his first words of the day…”Daddy, (Sweet Boy#1) and I think fire is oxygen in plasma form.”

Leia Freyja–The boys bring home the 3D worlds they built at imagination camp with Socrates. But Princess Leia grabs a salt dough boulder and runs off with it to chew. She is literally “destroying worlds.”

Sweet Boy#1–Leia drapes herself over Sweet Boy#1 in the car, flopping her jowly head across his back. He calls her his “Bear Parrot” and she doesn’t seem to mind, although I don’t think he could walk, or even stand with her perched upon his shoulder.

Sweet Boy#3–He is so careful with his new glasses, polishing them regularly and putting them away in their case with great reverence. I am lured into thinking that this child will not have as many glasses related catastrophes as the last…then, 2 days after we picked up the new glasses, he builds them into the wall of his sand castle and loses them! Luckily he also finds them eventually, perched upon the grassy bank beside the volley ball court at camp. Two children with glasses, I sense a vast new array of adventures in our future.


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