Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3—“Momma, you are being bossier than you need to be.”—sadly he was right.

Sweet Boy#2—“I’m making different Evil Minion factories. They each make a different type of evil minion.”—Playdough fun in the Wilks household.

Sweet Boy#3—“Dear God…thank you for Star Trek and that we love Hortas and that there’s Hortas in Star Trek.”—I let the boys watch the classic Star Trek episode “The Devil in the Dark” where a blobby silicon based life form called the Horta is melting people to protect her eggs. Spock saves the day with a mind meld and both humans and Horta learn to get along. After this episode much Horta play ensued. The boys were baby Hortas hatching out of their eggs and Hortas in the bathtub and Hortas tunneling through rock…I love their imaginations.

Sweet Boy#3—Looks on as I dish up a new recipe I tried, sweet potato fries—“Your work looks delicious.”

Sweet Boy#1—Playing “Sea Monsters” with his brothers—“And then I swam through your digestive system and through your intestines and out the other end!”

Sweet Boy#2—Playing Legos—“Look at this, it’s a machine of destruction.”

Sweet Boy#1—Informs me—“Sweet Boy#3 licked my nose during the prayer.”


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