Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

All three boys carve their own pumpkins this year. These jack-o-lanterns have tons and tons of teeth! But when they are all finished, Sweet Boy#3 grabs up the bowl of pumpkin guts and decides to take it down to the cousin’s chickens. He pauses at the door and tells one of our friends–“Pumpkin Stuff vs. Chickens!” Our friend asks who will win. Sweet Boy#3 is certain–“Chickens!” He shouts out before he runs off to the chicken pen.

Then Sweet Boy#3 was remembering our backpacking trip to Mad Lake last year when each of us received literally thousands of mosquito bites. I actually estimated by counting the number of bites on the back of each of my hands there were thirty some on the back of one hand and forty some on the back of the other hand, then I estimated over the rest of my body using the count on my hands. My hands had less bites than other parts of me and I had less bites than the boys. Five thousand bites for me was a conservative estimate. It was terrible! Anyway, Sweet Boy#3 was remembering this hike and made a plan. Sweet Boy#3–“I’m going to say ‘It’s a very nice place’ to my kids and …huh huh huh…! He ended his train of thought with some evil type laughter. Oh my, they are their Daddy’s sons. No one loves a practical joke more than the Hunky Hubby, but Mad Lake, I think that is going a bit far.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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