Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

  • Sweet Boy #2 speaking to the Hunky Hubby–“We like Momma and you, but (sweet boy #3) likes to bite us.”
  • Sweet Boy #3–“Daddy songing.”
  • Sweet Boy #1–“(sweet boy #3) is being selfish, he says blue makes green!”
  • Sweet Boy #2–You smell like ear wax.”
  • Sweet Boy #3–“My sleeping bag.”

Sweet Boy #1–“It’s mine, we bought it before you were born.”

Sweet Boy #3–“I old.”

Sweet Boy #1–“I know you’re old, but we bought it before you were born.”

Sweet Boy #3–“I old!!!”

  • Sweet Boy #2–“If you pull your hair out, your brain unhooks from your head. But I didn’t do that.”


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One thought on “Boy Quotes

  • Grandma Judy

    That’s what my trouble is, I’ve pulled out too many hairs! Wow, Sweet Boy #3 is really starting to show progression in his thought process. He’s learning to argue also, which is a necessary defense since he has 2 warrior, lawyer brothers.

    Love to you.

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