Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“Freckles are single celled animals.”

Sweet Boy#2–Hops up to the table with an entire bowl brimming with Mandarin orange slices–“I’m a mandarin eating monster.” He informs me.

Sweet Boy#3–Is playing Lego Indiana Jones with Shinobi for his video game pick–“It’s my pick so you have to stay where I am. Come with me and get destroyed!” He then proceeds to knock on a door in the game, the person inside throws out a grenade that blows them up. His brother takes over for Shinobi and they do this for the following 38 minutes. Knock on door, grenade comes out, explode. Later they change things up a bit by going and getting camels. They have a few camel fights and then go and knock on the grenade door with their camels. Fabulous fun all around.

Sweet Boy#1–I find a box of Captain Crunch underneath his pillow. Hmmm…very suspect.

Sweet Boy#2–“I tooted the alphabet.”


Momma-“What’s this?”

Sweet Boy#3–“My Banana peel.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Yeah, we put them in our pockets.”

Well…I had told them not to litter…


I was cleaning out an old basket of plastic Easter eggs. Inside one of the eggs I find a mashed up wad of Moldy cheese.

I was reading “Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code” to the boys and Sweet Boy#3 asks in a cheerful little voice–“Momma, can I please have a throw-up bowl?” He sounded so happy and not sick that I paused briefly to define the word “petty” which one of the boys had asked about as we read it. And because of that brief pause there was no throw-up bowl available when cheerful little Sweet Boy#3 puked all over the couch.

And finally…The last time our sweet Grandpa Newf Shamu will feature on the Boy Quotes.

I had put something in his dog dish that was yummy and so I told Shamu what I always tell him: “Go check your dish, Shamu.” I say. But somehow what our elderly dog heard was: “Go check A dish.” And so he lumbered over to Sweet Boy#2’s place at the coffee table and snuffles his cereal bowl, upsetting my middle boy to no end, but gaining a yummy taste of sugary milk and a few pieces of Saturday morning cereal for his efforts.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

2 thoughts on “Boy Quotes

  • Ha!!!!! Funny.
    That Shamu. My old Lab didn’t wait to be told there were treats. She’d just help herself, sometimes before any of us had a chance to eat.
    Nice with the throw up bowl. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with ya.

  • Our doggy friends are so funny aren’t they. Shamu was usually pretty good about our food, but once in awhile he did raid the BBQ down at the camp paintball course, and boy could that 150 lb animal make off with a lot of hamburgers! And I appreciate any comradery you send Jenn, whether laughter or tears!

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