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Because It Annoys Mom!

Theo–“When you think about it, easers die because of your mistakes. If you mess up enough, you destroy an eraser. It makes you feel evil on a whole new level!”

Scruffy–“This is the worst instruction manual ever.”

Theo–“That’s just like Legos.”

Scruffy–Pauses to look closely at his middle son in thought … . “You’re good at Legos!”

Me–“If you start washing your hair every three days, it would stop needing to be washed every day.”

Judah–“Are you telling him to wash it less!”

Theo–“Washing it every day makes it fluffy.”

Judah–“He likes it fluffy, Mom.”

Nope, these lovely flowers are not decorations. Judah brought these home so that I would make Spring Beauty salad, yum!

Me–“Let me use the bathroom real fast before you shower.”

Judah–“I don’t think you’ve ever done that in your life.”

Brennan–“Mom, I took one pill from each day of the week!” He holds up his now un-organized pill organizer.

Me–“What?” Staring in horror.

Judah–“That sounds like a lot of work for no good reason.”

Brennan–“It annoys Mom.”

Judah–“That’s fair.”

Me–Working on a job description for our new camp maintenance director–“Chasing squirrels, mice, rats, bats, ravens, ants, and other creatures out of the camp buildings.”

Scruffy–“That’s all under ‘Pest Control’. You’ve turned this job description into a RomCom!”

Me–“Mine was more exciting.”

Yes, the boys were walking barefoot in the fresh April snow.

Brennan–“You told Theo he couldn’t have chocolate life and then you offered it to Epona!”

Me–“Epona’s not my child.”

Theo–“I can act like I’m not your child!

Me–“Ow, my back just zinged.”

Judah–“Congratulations on being old.”


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

5 thoughts on “Because It Annoys Mom!

  • Grandma Judy

    Love the quotes and the pictures ???

  • Grandma Judy

    Hmmm, the clapping imoge turned into question mark’s, arrrggghhh!

  • Dea Lowry

    Well, after reading this, I know for sure that our boys are related!

  • Ha ha! That is very strange. I will turn them back to clapping in my head!

  • Ha! Yes, we have enjoyed our sarcastic teens. I’m presuming that you have similar pithy comments and all-knowing attitudes at your house along with a deep desire to annoy Mom. Have fun! We are, ha!

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