Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–“Choco is basically nocturnal.”

Sweet Boy#3–Buys a cute little girl’s Easter hat at the AWANA store with his AWANA bucks. Ok…but then he wants to wear it to school. I have the tragic responsibility of informing him that people at school will not understand how wonderful it is…they will say it is a girl’s hat even though he is a boy. He scowled. “I think it looks like a boy hat!” Hmmm…it was white with a cute little bow. He is such a sweetie and is enjoying his hat immensely…from the comfort of home.

Sweet Boy#3–“I take a nap without my armor too.”–They are playing some kind of imaginary game with Lego guys…

I overhear Sweet Boy#3 talking to his brothers while they are playing Legos at the dinning room table–“Momma is sooooo beautiful!”



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