Boy Quotes


So…Zoe and Tangle babysat for us the other night so that the Hunky Hubby and I could go out and catch a movie. I think my youngest was in love.

Sweet Boy#3–to Zoe–“Can I kiss you on the lips?”

Sweet Boy#3–to Tangle–“Do you have a husband?”



Sweet Boy#2–“I have four heads.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Three heads is ok, but four…”

Sweet Boy#3–“Too many heads!”


Sweet Boy#1–“I bet you’ll grow your beard out long to tickle your kids.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Of course!”


Sweet Boy#1–Is reading his new book and I hear him gasp in horror–“Oh….oooh…Momma, did you know that Tawny owls have been known to tear people’s faces to shreds.”–Ah, the beauty of science. It’s not all frolicking fawns and baby chicks people.

Sweet Boy#3–Hears his brother’s statement and immediately starts jumping around the room flapping and screeching and clawing wildly at the air.

And after Sweet Boy#1 reads the section about the terrible Barracuda, Sweet Boy#3 makes up an original song that goes–“Barracuda! Ya ya ya! Barracuda! Ya Ya Ya!”


Sweet Boy#3–Makes up a slight variation on the ever popular statement “Curse Hermes and his multivitamins–“Curse Daddy and his tickle-hands!”

I catch the boys singing threatening songs to one another to the tune of the Star Wars Darth Vader music–“Stop it (sweet boy#1) or I’ll do this to you!” and of course the boy in question would reply in kind and in similar musical form.

Sweet Boy#3–Punches Momma and therefore gets the horrible consequence of going right to bed and not getting to frost cookies with his brothers. He is heartbroken and horrified. After he finishes crying and I come to give him a hug goodnight, he wraps his arms around me and says:”You wouldn’t give me the consequence of never hugging you?” I assure him that a hug ban will never be a consequence in our house and then he smiles and gives me a big kiss. What a sweetie, a rambunctious and somewhat violent sweetie, but a sweetie all the same.




I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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