Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Sweet Boy#2–Came running back from the paintball field to tell me about his experience as a camper playing paintball with his cabin–“I’m not too good at hitting, but I’m amazingly hard to hit!”–Sweet Boy#3 noted his attire (pajama pants and puddle boots) and came to the obvious conclusion–“It’s like Pajama Power!”

That is one of the things my boys love about camp. Not having Momma chasing them around and telling them that pajamas are not appropriate attire for paintball, midnight hikes, meadow games, skit night, or chapel. Observe Sweet Boy#2’s costume for skit night above. I love that they are enjoying that week of freedom, even if it is hard on their pajamas!

Sweet Boy#3 and I had our Momma movie night last week. I woke him up at 4:00am and we ate Reeses Pieces together and watched ET. Later, when we were watching the deleted scenes he was commenting on the fact that they had the nerve to take them out of the movie–“They’re like, ‘Let’s cut out this awesome part!'” Yes indeed, Sweet Boy#3 has definite opinions about movie making and in this case I agree with him. They were great scenes.

Princess Leia–and of course the puppy princess has not been idle. She managed to get her paws up on the stove and lick the pizza stone clean after I made cookies to send to the boys’ cabins this week. Thankfully she didn’t break it, like she did my fiesta platter and that coffee mug she smashed trying to pluck a piece of toast out of the toaster. Is it an improvement in basic obedience if your dog has paws on the counter but doesn’t shatter anything? Baby steps, I think.


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  • Grandma Judy

    I’m all for pajama pants. Think I’ll make myself some…

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