Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

 Daddy–“Can I be your sidekick?”

Sweet Boy#3–“Maybe…if you could jump higher.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I hate that giant eel skeleton!”

Sweet Boy#3–They were working on our water for a few hours and so we couldn’t flush the potty. Sweet Boy#3 informs me in a proud voice–“Did you notice that I closed the lid so it wouldn’t stink?”

Sweet Boy#3–Looking at new hearing aids with Great Grandpa–“Oooh, earrings with antenna.”

Sweet Boy#3–Calls the funnies “The Sillies” and when he wants me to read a particular comic strip to him he asked–“Read this silly.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I wonder how Ike’s doing with his sword?”–One of our counselors also has a nerf sword.

Sweet Boy#3–“It was a Monkey-food Scooby snack.”–Playing an imaginary game with his brothers about different pets and their snacks

The Professor (age 8)–We were talking about the danger of nuclear bombs–“It’s bad…but I bet you could take out a whole army of bulldog ants!”

The Professor–“The thing that scares people is the tarantula’s giant hypodermic-like teeth!”

Sweet Boy#3–What if the ark was a pirate ship…and this was a giant pig cannon?”


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