Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“Momma, I’m going to show you a wintersalt.”–I couldn’t help but notice that wintersalts were incredibly similar to summersalts, only performed on the couch in the winter rather than in the yard in the summer.

Sweet Boy#3–“Dear God, Thank you that my pocket knife has a saw.”


Momma–“I smell something stinky.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I tooted, it was the stinkiest toot I ever had!”


Sweet Boy#2–They are pretending to be monsters and my blond boy is the very rare “saber-toothed mosquito”.

Sweet Boy#3–” (sweet boy#2) used the coffee table as a Kleenex!!!”

Sweet Boy#2–speaking to Daddy–“You tickling fiend!”

Sweet Boy#1–Is trying to decide what to be when he grows up. Decides not to build houses even though he loves to build…because he doesn’t want to risk becoming famous.

Sweet Boy#2–“I think my growth spurt is gonna be tomorrow.”

Sweet Boy#3–“What’s 8+5+11+frog?


Momma to boys about their paintings–“Now say something nice.”

Sweet Boy#3–about his brother’s picture–“It’s going to look really nice.”

Sweet Boy#1–about his brother’s picture–“Your coloring just like a four-year-old usually does.”


Sweet Boy#1 to his cousin–“I would make sure you got a good deal, because no one wants their own assassins killing their troops.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I love you so much I never can explain.”

I am praying with Sweet Boy#3 and I say that I want him to be God’s warrior someday…”Warrior?” he pipes up. “…like to be an American who fights against Europeans!” Um…watching Daddy play too many board games perhaps?

Watching Return of the Jedi with Sweet Boy#2 for the first time…”Oh, Yoda’s asleep…Gasp! Where’s Yoda!”

Sweet Boy#2–“I wanna be a Ninja, how do you be a Ninja?…I also want to be an artist. Either an artist or a Ninja.”

After watching The Young Black Stallion with Sweet Boy#2–“I’m actually the finest racing corn snake in the world!”


The hazards of baking with underage chefs

Momma–“Did you have an accident?”–I ask after noticing a suspicious wet spot on the front of his undies…yes he is baking in undies…no comment.

Sweet Boy#3–Looks down at undies–“No, that’s just the eggs. I wiped up with my undies.”


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