Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Judah–After a snarky comment to his father. “Well … maybe I should not be critiquing your prayer because it’s illogical.”


Theo–“I woke up this morning to Velcro licking my hair.” Velcro is Bomber’s (our maintenance gal) cat.

Scruffy–“Yeah, she sat on me in the middle of the night and went full Golem, trying to cough up a hairball.”

Boo Boo–“That’s probably why she had a hairball.”


Judah–“Apparently, Leia was not too infirm to make a mess of my desk last night.”

Me–“So, she can’t walk a straight line, but she managed to get crackers off your desk?”

Judah–“You don’t have to walk a straight line to steal stuff.”


Kaya–“I didn’t yell at her (Princess Leia Freyja), I lightly accused her of ruining my life.”


Me–“I’m worried the camper’s won’t see that ditch and will break all the undercarriages on their cars.”

Scruffy–“Then get the boys out there with shovels.”

Theo–“To break all the undercarriages?”

It was a proud father moment for Scruff, sigh.


Hmmm … there is a chance the Wilks boys need to learn how to give better compliments.

Bomber–“I straightened my hair yesterday and the only comment I got was Theo saying, ‘You look dead inside.'”


Exhausted after work, Bomber comes to our house, sits in front of the fire for a moment, and promptly falls asleep.

Later …

Exhausted after work, Scruffy comes home lays down by the fire and promptly falls asleep on the floor.

Brennan–Considers his dad, comatose on the floor. “I don’t want a job as hard as yours … unless I get a lot more money.”


Kaya–“Can I have a drink?”

Boo Boo–“Yes.”

Brennan–“Except my cactus, you can’t drink my cactus.”

Kaya–“Now, I want to drink your cactus.”

Judah–“No one wanted to drink your cactus until you said not to.”


Theo refuses to throw away a shirt with a hole in it because he is waiting for the perfect opportunity to dramatically rip his shirt off … using that handy hole.


Me–“My old outhouse injury is flaring up.”

My sons laugh, but I did indeed hurt my shoulder digging the hole for an outhouse with my sister-in-law years ago.


Theo–“Have you seen _________’s neck beard? Now that is a majestic neck beard!”

Scruffy–“Neck beard and majestic are two words which should never go together.”

Everyone–Nods in quiet agreement.


Judah to his father–“Why is it that your every body function is more violent than normal? Coughing, sneezing … . I literally need a warning when you sneeze. It’s probably the reason I have tinnitus.”


Theo– Hits his toe on the table and is hopping around in tons of pain. “Why is the table so painful?”

Scruffy–“It was forged in the depths of Mount Doom.”

Ahhh … so that explains it.


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