Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“Mom, you’ll be impressed when you see my page.”–My youngest baby then runs off to get his coloring page from AWANA.

I tell Sweet Boy#3 to put his dusty clothes into the hamper, he shouts back–“They are in the dirty clothes!” I look down at him…”No, they’re on your body.” He looks at himself…”Oh.” And runs of to put them in the dirty clothes. Only a little boy is able to forget whether or not he is fully clothed or naked.

Sweet Boy#3–“You’re the best Mommy to snuggle…I call you “Best Mommy”.’

Sweet Boy#3–“Mom, why did you put the duster in the garbage?”–I inform him that it is not the duster, Daddy brushed the dog the night before and it is a huge pile of dog hair.

Sweet Boy#2–“I want to look my best tomorrow…we’re going to Pyllis’…I’m going to wear my ring.” And so he wears this huge plastic princess ring to school all day so that he can impress Phyllis when we go over. My boy loves his bling.

Sweet Boy#3–“Actually, I have a pet Kleenex.”


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