Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–My middle boy has been growing out his hair. However, longer hair requires brushing resulting in terrible pain. We were talking about his hair the other day and he informed me: “Momma, I’ve had this experience, I want it shaved.” He is six-years-old.

Sweet Boy#2–“I got something I thought was ice cream…but when I tasted it I noticed it was smashed tatoes!”

Breakfast on Sweet Boy#3’s B-day
Daddy–“Whose a Sweety Boy?”
Sweet Boy#3–points to self
Sweet Boy#3–“Ask, ‘Whose a four boy.”
Daddy–“Whose a four boy?”
Sweet Boy#3–Smiles and proudly points at himself.

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m hungry! And my pet Baby Metroid Prime is hungry too!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Mom, ketchup!”
Momma–“How do you ask?”
Sweet Boy#3–“Evil evil more ketchup please!”


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