Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“A strong boy can finish the job, even when he’s tired.”–He said this to his little brother, I guess some of what we say does stick!

Sweet Boy#3–“I had a dream that (sweet boy#2) stepped in some of that.” He gets out our “Micro Monsters” book and points to an amoeba.

Sweet Boy#1–“It is a risk Momma, to use your Nook in the tub.”

Sweet Boy#2–We can’t find a toilette and ask our middle boy if he can wait until we drive out of the wilderness into civilization or if he wants us to dig him a place to poop like we have been all week during the backpacking trip. He responds with a pitiful wail. “I don’t want to potty in a hole!!!”

Sweet Boy#3–Shouts out at 3:00am the words that every mother shudders to hear–“I’m throwing up so much I can’t get a breath!!!”–Poor guy.



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