Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

This is a B-day card that Sweet Boy#2 received from one of his friends.

“Happy B Day! (Sweet Boy#2, but spelled wrong)

Have a Happy! Happy! Happy! Day. Some of my B Days were Borring Like my 8th B Day.”  I just love kid letters, don’t you?

Sweet Boy#2–While playing an imaginary game in the car as I drive them home–“I would be like: ‘Abandon House, before the house explodes with weirdness!”


Sweet Boy#3–Playing Lego Indiana Jones with his brother–He sees some “alligators” which I think are actually crocodiles. Blam blam blam! Sweet Boy#3 opens fire on the alligators.

Sweet Boy#2–Shouting and furious–“Don’t shoot them!!! They’re an endangered species!!!”


Sweet Boy#?–“Are you scared of manual labor?”

Sweet Boy#3–“What’s manual labor?”

Sweet Boy#?–It’s working.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Just call it working so I understand you.”

Sweet Boy#?–“Working is a boring word.”



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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