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Writing News

I have been waiting for this week of writing for over five years! Finally finally finally I was able to write my submission materials. I have been writing up query letters and such just for fun for the past four years or so. But this time it was the real thing. Of course by this time my query letter was pretty polished but I typed it out into two separate e-mails for the two agencies that I’ll query first. And of course when I sent them to my grammar Nazi friend the formatting got all messed up during transport and not being all that tech savvy I went back and spent 1 ½ hours moving the lines of text around until it looked tidy once more. Then I wrote my bio page, and finally the six page synopsis. I still need to polish. But seriously this was one of the most exhilarating and enjoyable weeks of writing I’ve ever experienced. I know I’m a geek. Or for you Sarah and Becca: “I’m a dork, I’m a geek, I’m a nerd, I’m a freak, I’m a dork geek nerd freak, dork geek nerd freak, stuuuuuuuuuuupid idiot!” Anywho, I had fun.

Breaking News

Well, the bathroom apocalypse continues. After waiting for several days for the floorboards to dry (and hiking to grandma’s to bathe) the hunky hubby was finally able to caulk the tub. But alas, because of the water damage our floor did not dry evenly and the subsequent lumps made the caulking crack. And so the hunky hubby prepared to caulk the tub a second time and the toilet as well. But as he approached the toilet to caulk around its base, as strange leakiness greeted him. A foul, odorous wetness the caused him to mumble strange things and dismantle the toilet once more. And behold the ancient wax gasket thingybob was not functioning properly and the toilet had leaked into the floor boards and we were forced to wait two more days for it to dry before he could reinstall the toilet with a fresh wax gasket thingybob and re-caulk the tub. So it is all caulked and hopefully by Monday things will be sufficiently dried for us to Bathe in our own home!


Parent Moment of the Week

A good many harrowing moments occurred this week. Including but not limited to: Sweet boy #1 and sweet boy #2 washing plates in the sink with our toothbrushes, sweet boy #2 filling the broom bristles with foamy soap, sweet boy #1 wearing the baby backpack while sweet boy #2 tried to climb into it, sweet boy #2 fleeing his bed after a nightmare and running into the hall blindly only to trip and fall over Shamu (our Newfoundland), sweet boy #3 grabbing and subsequently chewing on an old ink cartridge that he snagged as I bounced him on my shoulder while checking e-mail (in case you are wondering, printer ink is only poisonous in large quantities according to the poison hotline), and of course sweet boy #2 spreading ice-cream on his tummy with a spoon. We are never lacking for adventure in our home. God has greatly blessed us in the excitement department.


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