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Writing News

Here Ye Here Ye! I have officially completed, printed out, and handed to the hunky hubby my finished manuscript!!! This is the last time that I will spend all evening hovering over our demon printer as it slowly slowly oh so slowly spews out a page at a time after one minute of “receiving data” per page. This is the last time that I will sigh a deep deep sigh of longsuffering and toss the first 160 pages into the scrap paper pile because it is illegible. This is the last time that I will valiantly bite back a string of sailor-like curses as my manuscript is finally printed in a clear and speedy manor but still illegible since it is in Russian or some other non-English and very much foreign tongue (I kid you not). Because this is the last time that I print my manuscript for my editing pleasure only. From now on if I print this unwieldy tome it shall be at the request of an agent. So that might be awhile, but I’m looking at the bright side. No more demon printer for a few months, or years, or decades… Anywho, the hunky hubby gets to read my story, finally. And I will of course make any changes that he suggests. Almost any. And one of our girl counselors is currently reading it and I of course will make any changes that she suggests. Almost any. But these, hopefully minute, alterations will not require a printout. And then I shall thicken my frail skin and query. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Finishing my anti-historical reference edit and printing printing printing out my ahem “masterpiece” for the hunky hubby. Whooohooo!

Breaking News

Now when we first bought our lovely 93 Chevy Astro van I made a vow to myself that I would swoop through our beautiful blue chariot, wisk broom in hand, and never allow an errant crumb to settle and attract the nasty little fur balls that have at times plagued our existence. The not as endangered as we would like, Cascade Mountain Crumb Mouse. Despite a good deal of wisking, but apparently not enough, we have indeed been invaded once again. And not by just ordinary Cascade Mountain Crumb Mice. We have officially been invaded by dum dum dum duuuum! THE CANABAL MICE OF DOOM!!!

WARNING! This is an official “Retch Alert” If you have a tender tummy please do not read on.

The hunky hubby went to check his trap line (two standard mouse traps strategically placed in our lovely van) and lo and behold he had two Cascade Mountain Crumb Mice ensnared within the tiny yet deadly contraptions. But then his liver shuddered with terror. For there before his very eyes was a sight sure to cause fear and trepidation in any man. Evidence of the presence of the dreaded CANABAL MICE OF DOOM! The two hapless victims of his mouse traps had been damaged after their demise. Some horrid unnatural creature had eaten both of their eyes out! (seriously I am not kidding and it totally creeps me out) We are fighting for our van against THE CANABAL MICE OF DOOM! But never fear. The hunky hubby is not through. Indeed he is prepared for this rise in evil rodents. For we hath bought a four pack of traps!


Parent Moment of the Week

Yesterday my sweet son #2 (2 ½ ) declared at the lunch table “I shared.” He had a smile of pride on his face and I rushed to commend him. Then I happened to gaze at my sweet son #1 (4 ½) and saw his eyebrows wrinkled with distaste. He quickly enlightened me in a disgusted voice “______ put a drink of broth in his mouth and then spit it in my bowl Mama!”

I guess one boys sharing is another boys violent attack by broth hungry germs. Go figure.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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