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Writing News

This week was also very fun. I polished the query, synopsis, and bio that I had already written. Then I opened two files for the two different agencies that are first on my list. The one agency wanted only what I had already written so I just set that up in the file. I’ll add the 50 sample pages to it probably next week. And the other agency wanted a proposal that contained all sorts of things like market information, comparable titles, and whatnot. So I did research and wrote that up and had a good deal of fun. Oh I made title pages too and arranged to have my website guy make me some letterhead stationary. The hunky hubby is just two chapters away from finishing my manuscript so I should have the completed sample chapters available soon. And then it will finally be time to query!

Breaking News

Yesterday was sweet boy #2s third birthday! This was the first year that he could anticipate the event ahead of time and he had a blast. He kept asking for things for his birthday like: big boy undies, jamies, glasses, a green balloon, and last but not least a drink of cool water with ice and a straw! We had a bunch of his little friends up and you should have seen him blush when we sang happy birthday. He is my most fierce one and so it must have been really special to him to actually make him embarrassed, it hardly ever happens. Of course our power kept going out all through the event, which would send his guests shrieking to their mothers in terror, but such is the life when you are on generator power. Good times.


Parent Moment of the Week

Some heartwarming moments this week. We got out the booster chairs in order to send one to a yard sale and of course the boys glommed onto them and played in them for hours the last couple of days. They would buckle themselves into the chairs and then crawl all over the living room with the chairs latched tightly to their bottoms playing that they were “turtles”. It was terribly entertaining. And then I watched as each boy was completely engulfed in a blanket and wiggled wildly across our kitchen like a monster sand worm. Much giggling and wriggling occurred until I finally asked what they were. I should have guessed. How idiotic of me not to know. They were “spaceships” of course!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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