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Writing News

I started working on my new novel idea this week! It’s a milestone for me. Makes me feel like a writer to put Overturned away, hope that my queries do their job, and go on to something else. I set up a file for my research that was very similar to my Overturned research file. In it are about twenty different categories: food, agriculture, animals, clothing, religion…. So now as I come across quotes that seem important, I’ll add them to this file and hopefully be able to find them again if I need to put a footnote into the manuscript. Yes, I know that it is fiction but this is just how I am. Then I made another file for my footnotes so that as I enter a footnote into the story, I can put the exact quote that I used in a footnote file with a number beside it that corresponds to the numbers in the manuscript. That way if anyone has a question, it will be very simple to answer it. Of course doing all of this made me realize that after all of those cuts to my Overturned manuscript, the numbers of the footnotes no longer matched up to the numbers in my footnote quote file. So I went back and spent two days going through over 300 footnotes and making sure that my footnote file was accurate once more. Now all is well with Overturned for sure, I think.

Breaking News

Less than a week until Christmas! I’ve ordered most of my gifts online but it is now my almost hopeless mission in life to somehow get myself into town (45 min from us) and get stocking stuffers without all three of the boys. Hopefully the hunky hubby can take the big boys out to shovel snow while sweet boy #3 and I get the stocking stuffing materials.


Parent Moment of the Week

There were many options to choose from this week. From when sweet boy #1 was “reading” to sweet boy #2 from his new picture bible and stated with great authority that “A long long long long long long long time ago guys used to wear dresses. These are guy dresses.” Or when sweet boy #2 was pretending to be a momma kitty with tentacles in its mouth. Not sure where that one came from? But the winner this week occurred last night. The hunky hubby brought home a dessert pizza and the boys enjoyed the “Warm dessert” immensely. Well sometime in the deep of night sweet boy #2 had a dream about the desert pizza and woke up insisting (with incredibly loud screams) that he eat another piece. It was all gone so capitulating wasn’t even an option. He threw the biggest, loudest, most intense tantrum with the most violent flailings of himself all over the room that I have ever encountered. It lasted at least 30 minutes and woke up sweet boy #3 who was screaming then too. He insisted that there was more “Warm dessert” inside the hid-a-bed and I even pulled the mattress out to show him that I was not stashing dessert pizza within the mattress. After much rocking and singing and rocking and singing with both boys, they finally fell asleep. Phew. Who could have guessed that our delicious “Warm dessert” would bring so much trauma and sleep deprivation into our lives.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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