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Writing News

This week I wrapped up all of my writing “housekeeping” so that I can start on my next book length manuscript next week. I polished the poem I wrote for my friend in MOPS. I made a word document of good memories from a childhood house that is full of bad memories for my brother and I. Sometimes it takes some effort to recall the good moments, so I took the time to write some of them down. Then I drug out all of the random slips of paper that I’ve been jotting writing ideas on and entered them into my “Writing Notebook” files in my laptop. I also ordered a bunch of non-fiction books about the mythology of Ancient Mexico. My next idea is contemporary fiction but I want to be well versed in the history of the country I’m writing about and I hope to find something that I can add to a modern story as well. But anyway I got all of those loose ends tied up and am ready to move on to a different story.

Breaking News

We are finally receiving the beautiful Christmas snow storm that has been the focus of our hopes and prayers. Since we work at a Christian Camp, snow is very important to us and has come only to promptly melt this year. But yesterday morning it snowed all day and this morning the flakes began to fall once more. The boys and I ate sugary cereal and watched “Frosty the Snowman” this morning and watched our winter wonderland forming. Oh so lovely!


Parent Moment of the Week

Well lets see… One morning this week sweet boy #2 moved the dog’s water dish into the hall way. It was early and I rushed out of the bathroom to do some urgent parent duty or another and tripped over the water dish, fell, and soaked both legs of my pants. Very fun! Then sweet boy #2 ate half a container of orange Jell-o before convincing me to pull out our hid abed and let him jump on it while watching his “Action Bible Songs” DVD he got from Grandma Judy for his B-day. He jumped quite vigorously for a good amount of time before exclaiming: “I hurting, and full, and sick…I ate too much Jell-O, now I have orange blood!” Finally one of the much sought heartwarming moments. The two big boys wanted to wash dishes. Usually this results in enough water on the floor and leaking underneath the sink to float a large pod of Alaskan Orcas. But this time I urged them to put the dishes into the dishwasher after they had scrubbed each one. Then I boldly did something else in the living room, a whole five feet away. I returned and although sweet boy #2 had abandoned the project, sweet boy #1 had done the dishes! All of the dishes. Although the counter was quite soggy it was completely clear of mealtime paraphernalia! Yey boys! Sweet boy #1 kept bounding around the room stating that he had done all the dishes and now I didn’t need to do them at all and could do something else! Much exclaiming, hugging, and kissing ensued. What sweeties. Sure they drink out of the toilet once in a while, but truly I have never seen their equal in all of the Universe! Not that I’m looking too hard or anything. Ahem.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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