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Writing News

I did some research on ancient Mexico this week. Not sure that ancient Mexico is going to have anything to do with my next story as it is going to be contemporary fiction, but I wanted to nose about for some good material and so I ordered every book our library system had on the Mayans and Incas just in case something good showed up. Of course the first book I looked at was a scholarly text with the premise of… you guessed it, aliens built the ancient cities and pyramids of Mexico. Just my luck. Of course aliens are cool…

Breaking News

Well, Christmas is here and gone. We had moments of truth mixed with great heaps of material possessions and large quantities of food items that contained real butter. The boys and I read through a beautiful picture book that had photos from “The Nativity Story” and lots of wonderful scriptures about the Messiah. We picked a B-day gift for Jesus from read “The best Christmas Pageant Ever.” And then our sweet offspring were drowned in gratuitous gifting from us and other various and sundry relations. Christmas is such a mixture of the Holy and the not quite so Holy. It’s confusing as parents when were supposed to do everything just right, training them up and all that. But what is that verse that says “The Lord looks after the simple minded”? He is here, He is marvelous, He is doing amazing works among us. Help me to see Lord, I want to be a part of your wonders!


Parent Moment of the Week

Hmmmm…lets see. This week sweet boy #2 went poop on the big boy potty all on his own, which is good, but he somehow forgot all about even attempting to wipe and just pulled up his undies and pants and left the bathroom with a fragrant cloud of fecal odors drifting around him and a great deal of smearing and staining going on in his superhero underpants. During the same pottying experience sweet boy #1 decided that he wanted to wash off the tiny play dough rolling pins for use while making cut out Christmas cookies. He did this in the bathroom while sweet boy #2 was pottying. He let go of a rolling pin for a second and it rolled off the counter and into the toilet. But with eager earnest eyes he later assured me that the rolling pin was fine because when it plunged into the potty the poop had “sunk down” to the bottom of the toilet bowl and apparently this made everything much more sanitary because of that little disturbing detail. Hmmm. Oh, then sweet boy #2 squirted a bunch of glue into the little slot on top of his piggy bank and I had to break a piece out of the pigs back in order to wash the $ before it hardened. But the winner this week occurred in the Safeway bathroom. I had sweet boy #2 and sweet boy #3 with me and needed to use the rest room. There was not place to set the baby and I didn’t have my baby back pack. And so a new low. I was forced to take both of them into the handicapped stall, keep reminding sweet boy #2 not not NOT to open the door, and hold the baby on my lap while I pottied. Privacy? What’s that?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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