Writing News

Writing News

Finally I finished up with all of those stupid notes! 87 in the end. 87 random snippets of equally random thoughts that may or may not prove to be of any use to the writing process. Ah well, there must be something good buried deep within all of that nonsense. Of  course as soon as I was finished another idea popped into my head and I was away from my computer and to make a long story short. I wrote another note! Aaarrg!

For the rest of the week I looked through pics of people on the internet trying to find ones that looked like my main characters. I thought that this would be simple. I’d click on google images and write in “16 year old blond girl” or “18 year old brunette girl, pregnant” or “Hispanic grandma” or “cute teen boy with insufferable sense of humor” and poof amongst the many photos my characters would appear. I was partially correct. There were a great many photos. And some of them did indeed look like my characters. But I did not fully consider the number of “spicy” photos that my search would unearth. The hunky hubby was horrified “For goodness sake don’t click on anything, we’ll be getting disreputable e-mails for years!!!” those may not have been his precise words but they ran along that general frame of thought.

But I finally did find a safer searching option. I went to a website that sells royalty free images and searched their archives. Much safer. And slowly I am accumulating some likely photos. So hopefully by the end of next week I’ll know what they look  like and perhaps even know their names. I’ve been calling my main male lead “the boy” for three years in the story idea section of the computer. Ah well.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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  • Grandma Judy

    Wahoo for safe research! Hopefully “the boy” will become a male type person with a name soon :>) There is something good to be said for sticky notes. About every 2 months, I have to clean my desk (much to the relief of the big man in the house) and I go through the plethora of sticky notes, throwing out and saving appropriately so I can repeat the process in another couple of months.

    Love to you

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