Writing News

Writing News

This week I, of course, enjoyed Cancun and the Yucatan for Dummies but was also distracted for an entire day with a vital Internet search. My quest? My burning query? I needed to be able to name and describe a general location for all of the drug cartels of Mexico. As you my reader (Mom) know, I have been reading a news article about Mexico every day. And two topics show up again and again, like a spider that’s been flushed down the toilet live. Soccer…I mean Football and the drug war. These are the two lurking dangers that predominate Mexico’s news.

1) The fact that their football team lost to the USA’s soccer team once again, despite their carefully laid precaution of creating little cute voodoo dolls that looked like US soccer players but with black eyes and other injuries. 2) The government is in a literal war for the control of their country and police force with the drug cartels.

So here you have it, my new found knowledge and diminutive expertise.

The Drug Cartels of Mexico

The Sinaloa Cartel

Headed up by none other than Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The Juarez Cartel

Led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.

The Tijuana Cartel

Ruled by the Arrellano-Felix Family.

The Gulf Cartel

Whose leader Osiel Cardenas is currently awaiting trial in Houston Texas. But this difficulty has not hindered the powerful Gulf Cartel from unleashing it’s very own small army of modernly equipped and military trained assassins (Los Zetas) against rival drug smugglers, police, and military targets.

So there you have it. Cheerful, happy news from Mexico. It almost makes soccer (er football) seem unimportant.


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