Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

For this weeks writing assignment: Have Your Character Test the Validity of a Scheme. And to enjoy my lovely sister’s blogging, please click here.

Have Your Character Test the Validity of a Scheme

Bosomella had lined each pair up along the corridor outside Miss Borka’s chamber’s. There were thirteen in all. The most likely, a dainty set of jeweled slippers that she had added a shining wood platform for the left foot, was closest to the door. She placed the pair of small woodsman’s boots at the end of the row, for who wanted to dance in great clomping lace-up things after all?

Miss Borka breezed into the hall. Bosomella was always amazed that such a slight girl and one with a deformity at that, could have such instant command of a room. A quartet of minstrels had set up in the corner and five nervous squires were drug out of their hiding places to dance with the mistress of the castle. Her younger brother had even abandoned the jousting field in order to witness the day’s historic events.

After five hours of testing the crowd had thinned considerably, consisting of one fat squirrel sleeping in the corner and Bosomella herself. The only pair of footwear that were a near total success were the Woodman’s boots. Yet for dancing…. Miss Borka also chose a pair of dainty slippers thinking to practice. But her mood was dark. She was not raging. They had already weathered that and she bent down and thanked Bosomella before snatching up the shoes and slamming her chamber door shut.

Bosomella rode the sleepy squirrel up the castle walls and peeked into the lady’s room. She was exercising her feet and legs, walking and hopping and dancing and stretching. But Bosomella felt a tight little stone in the center of her stomach that warned her not to hope too extravagantly. She would have to think of something else, and fast. Miss Borka would only keep up this futility for so long.


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