Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

This weeks writing assignment: Have your character do something repeatedly. To view my lovely sister’s brilliance, please click here.

Bosomella and her minions silently enjoyed Miss Borka’s frantic cleaning and repairing activities for over a week before further action was required. The lady of the castle had finally bullied the last scribe into copying the last damaged manuscript onto the last roll of fresh new parchment and posted a stern spear holding guard at her office door, when they hit the kitchens. Every last pot and pan was buried in the castle garden between rows of climbing peas and the corn that had just begun to ripen. They pulled out every straw from the kitchen brooms and repaired them with sticky cooked noodles. The mop was shaved and it’s strings replaced with 100 green caterpillars on soft thread leashes, a squirrel guard was posted to aid the insects should a panicked maid attempt to squish one. And the crown jewel of the kitchen, the castle’s great brick oven that could bake the best braided loaves in a 250 mile radius, this was forcefully removed from the premises and swapped for a 30 year old ash tree that contained a mature bee’s nest in the trunk. They even broke up the flooring, dug a hole, planted the tree deep in the soil and watered it thoroughly before the kitchen crew returned from digging through the garden for their wandering pots.

But that was only the beginning. Over the course of the next month, Bosomella and her squirrely horde would enhance every single room in the castle, until Miss Borka had lost 15 vital pounds and taken to turning suddenly to shout out behind herself “Get that hedgehog out of best tea set or I swear by all that is holy I’ll actually mop something with that caterpillar monstrosity!” The sad thing was that there was no hedgehog in her tea set. That had been a family of toads, and the caterpillar mop was long long gone. Miss Borka was really loosing it and Bosomella was certain that the time had come to present a treaty for peace.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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