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Our wedding anniversary is smack in the middle of my husbands busiest time of year at camp. And so we put it off this year. We put it off until last Tuesday when a good friend on the west side offered to watch our 3 wild boys while we celebrated 9 years and a month together.

It was the first day of school. So sweet boy #1 and I stumbled through our studies while sweet boys #2 and #3 ransacked the house and had multiple injuries in near choreographed sequence every 5.2 seconds. Then we leaped into the car and drove for 2 hours arriving at our friends house. She snatched up the boys who were delighted to find that she had a whole tub of cars and we got dressed. I squeezed into a floor length white gown that I’d worn 8 years ago as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. When I say squeezed that is precisely what I mean, I could barely breathe but dang it I looked great! And the hunky hubby looked resplendent in a  grey dress shirt, tie, black pants, and… the dress shoes of doom. He never wears them because they pinch his feet, but for me he endured the torture.

Then our friend loaned us her GPS system and off we went. We were late. We got to the restaurant and realized we did not have time to eat. And so the hunky hubby drove us to a mystery location. I was curious, wondering wondering wondering… We went to the Paramount Theater in Seattle to view the musical “Wicked”! It was marvelous. The theater was incredibly beautiful and the play was the best I’ve ever seen. Even better than “Beauty and the Beast”.

During the tale of the witch’s birth her mother does not hold up her half of the marriage covenant, but this is done in song and dance and is much less awkward than it would be in movie form. There is reading from a spell book and some creepy chanting but that is the extent of the witchiness. If you were able to handle Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” then this won’t bother you. Similar to the Sea Witch scenes but without the Godzilla-like growth. Most of the story takes place at school where the two witches were forced to be roommates, one of them “popular” and one of them unnaturally “green”. There is one marvelous song where they sing and dance around one another and the word “Loathing” features strongly in the chorus. Of course there is a guy that both of them love and a goat that is a history teacher and a delusional munchkin. It was truly marvelous. Well worth seeing.

After the show it was late and we followed the GPS around Seattle looking for an open restaurant. Finally we found two establishments that were still serving food. One had old drunk guys staggering around beside the entrance and the other had young alcoholically enhanced persons of both genders Salsa dancing to a live band that sang in Spanish and shouted out sexy compliments to the ladies in a tongue that I did not fully comprehend but did not need a full translation to understand. We sat six inches away from the bongo drum player and the music was actually really great. We shouted back and forth to one another and I could hear the hunky hubby if he leaned about two inches away from my ear. We ate yummy seafood and realized that in that crowd both of us were really really old. I’ve never walked into a room and felt ancient before, it was an eye opening experience. I think everyone there was probably 21 and a day.

We spent the next day doing school at our friends house and finally drove home in time to make it to Awana. So all in all. A wonderful evening together celebrating our 9th Anniversary.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • What a fabulous time! And the dinner experience is so funny! Sometimes the “mix-ups” make for the best stories though! Happy Anniversary!

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