Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–Claimed the plastic insert that came inside the Nook cover I bought as his own. Now he reads his “Nook” in bed, sliding his finger across the plastic “screen” to read words only visible to him–“On my pretend Nook I downloaded a real Nool that looks like a pretend Nook on my invisible computer. I have books on it–not regular books–funny books that I read.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m not a usual boy. I have a hot side that gets too hot in the summer and makes my cold side hot. And my cold side gets too cold in the winter and makes my hot side cold…and I’m a six-year-old that looks like a seven-year-old. I’m not a usual boy.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Every word is Moo…moo moo moo moo Moo moo Moo Moo MOO!”

Sweet Boy#3–Names his pet pool noodle “Nudie”.

Sweet Boy#3–Crashes on his bike and scrapes his knee. Sadly informs me–“I don’t think I be safe on it anymore.”

Bolt-(friend from camp)–“We’re a bunch of red-bellied pirahnas and we’re going to attack a Wels (7 foot catfish)…Snarl snarl chomp chomping noises and vigorous growls from all 4 boys.”

Sweet Boy#1–“….and there’s still three black holes whirling in my stomach…one of them was a supermassive…I threw up one blackhole right in your face and then I ate it again!”


Sweet Boy#2–“So, we’re still playing the poison swamp ark…and the next pat is an icy part…and there’s wooly mamoths and the bad guys ride them!”–The boys build some very interesting things with their legos.


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  • Grandma Judy

    Johnnie Sue and I loved these quotes. In fact, she has adopted the phrase from #2 and modified it to say, ‘I’m not a usual old lady’. :0)

    Love to you,

    Grandma Judy

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