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Writing News: Cover Reveal

So this is a big milestone for me. For over a decade I’ve been writing away by myself, trying to become a more skillful wordsmith. During this time I always eagerly awaited cover reveals from my favorite writers and writer friends. I loved going to their blogs and websites and getting a little thrill every time the fresh face of a new book was revealed. Now it is my turn. I Kristen Joy Wilks am proud to present to you the face that Copenhagen Cozenage will wear. Really, this is so much fun. Here she is…



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

7 thoughts on “Writing News: Cover Reveal

  • Love it!!!! Can’t wait to read it! They even put in the pirate ship. Wonderful!

  • Blake Converse

    Congrats!!!! It’s Shamu! And….wait….Is that Heath Leger…..?

  • Yes, I was so happy they got the pirate ship in. But the cover does make me miss my doggy. Thanks so much for all your help on this…even though you put me over word count!

  • Thanks Becca! And doesn’t your novella come out in February or some such time? When can I expect to read it?

  • Thanks Joker. And yep, looks a lot like Shamu…but without the mud and stickers in his hair. I got to use a bunch of my funny Shamu stories as inspiration as I wrote this which was so fun, because the guidelines asked for “a friendly dog” Shamu was very very friendly. It was so much fun.

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